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Google PPC advertising cover up a huge amount of Google’s annual revenue. Tens of billions of dollars are consumed on Google AdWords on an annual base. Facebook is also a leading force in the paid advertising tool. Diziqo is a knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced Pay Per Click (PPC) agency. We build, manage and optimize paid advertising campaigns to secure our clients’ wealth and grow in generating more leads. Our team will increase costs per click, reduce unused clicks, increase conversion rates and make a progressive difference to any pay per click campaign.


Once all research and planning has been completed, we begin to set up your campaign. This process involves creating all the copy for your advertisements, building any landing pages and putting together custom-made text and imagery for display ads. Of course, during this process you are met constantly with updates and we will always provide a full break down before you give us the thumbs up.


As part of our management routine, your ads will be continuously tested and refined with the end goal of obviously having the best possible conversions. Part of the testing involves creating new ad copy to see what your audience responds best to and to keep your ads exciting and fresh. Similarly, we optimise or create entirely new landing pages and monitor your keywords to see how well they are performing or whether it’s necessary to add a selection of new ones. We provide monthly reports so you know exactly where you stand and where your ad budget is going maintaining a constant level of transparency.


Google Search
Google offers advertisements that appear in search results in Google.com. This type of advertising is an extremely effective way of driving relevant traffic to your website at the exact moment that people are searching for your product or service.

Google Display
By utilizing the Google Display Network which consists of millions of websites where advertisers can display their adverts to a range of audiences in multiple formats, businesses are able to target very precise customers either locally or across the globe.

Google Shopping
Showing your products at the very top of Google's search engine results allows retailers to insert themselves early on in the buyer's journey for broad product keywords and drive conversions directly from the Search Engine Results Page.

YouTube Advertising
YouTube ads have the opportunity to appear across a platform that boasts 1.5 billion monthly users so it's no surprise that advertisers are flocking to YouTube more often than not. The platform offers full creative freedom for your videos, real-time insights.

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