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What Is Organic SEO? And Why It’s a Game-Changer for Your Business

If you own a business, you know how important it is for users to visit your website. After all, that’s where they can learn more about your products, services, and your brand.
But what if you’re just not getting the website traffic that you need to boost your brand into industry stardom? Though implementing an organic SEO campaign doesn’t guarantee that your business will become a household name, it can and will ensure that your website ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can get you more site traffic and more sales.

Why is organic SEO important?

Organic SEO matters because a staggering 75 percent of searchers don’t even click past the first page of results. If you’re not ranking highly, you guessed it — your website won’t get any traffic, which means your site will struggle to bring sales and leads to your business.

Companies also need to pay attention to organic search engine optimization because users rely on search engines to find what they need. Over 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine, like Google. If you don’t appear at the top of organic search results, you’re giving away revenue.

In fact, organic traffic captures more than 40% of revenue. Not to mention, search engines deliver a close rate that’s eight times higher than traditional marketing. Search is a valuable marketing channel that’s waiting to drive revenue for your business. You just have to start optimizing your site for organic SEO.

Our Results Driven Approach Delivers

Our team performs extensive research on your target audience’s wants and needs, as well as where the industry trends are heading. Combining this with our talented content team, we deliver relevant content that also drives optimization.

Google is the world’s most used search engine and has an ever changing algorithm. Our team is committed to mastering all aspects of the algorithm and getting ahead of its next move, trending your website up in the search engine.

Analysis of the market, competitors, and one’s own current website are essential to successful keyword implementation. Our team deep dives into all these areas, emerging with research of keywords to provide maximum value to the website.

Including target themes within a page’s content is critical for search engines to understand how the page relates to the target query. Our team will integrate relevant words & phrases into content elements to more effectively support.

Having credible backlinks increases authority, as well as overall web traffic. We acquire links that have high PADA (Page Authority/Domain Authority) for content related links – these sites count more in Google’s eyes.

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